Giving the power of their own learning to the students.

I chose this post for a couple reasons.  One, I am a big believer in exit slips and two, I think it is very important to put students in control of their own learning.  This post made a few things click in my head.  I have always thought of exit slips as a formative assessment tool, that were more use to me (the teacher) than they were to students who filled them out.  But John’s post changed my opinion a bit.  I still think exit slips are a great way for the teacher to know where his/her students are at, but they also work to let the student know where they are at with their learning.  I can envision scenarios where, because a student filled out an exit slip, they may be more likely to come in for extra help, or ask an extra question next class because their exit slip showed less than perfect understanding on the pervious topic. Any learning responsibility that can be put on the student is great, I think it makes them more responsible, engaged, and even if they may still struggle in class, they will get to know themselves better. I wonder if I had experiences like this in school when I was younger if I would have understood and valued my own personal learning preferences before my 3rd year on university, when my love of learning really started to expand and explode.