Flying by the seat of your pants…..

by mrcfmoore

This was a great story and it made me smile thinking about of class of little mathletes (or more likely a few mathletes and most not), coming up with their own question and then figuring out how to solve it.  This is what we all dream of in math class, or at least I do.  

My reflection will not be on the actual story itself but on the last sentence: “On the block, there were 70 minutes remaining, which if Miss Nowak can’t adjust on the fly her treatment of parallel lines cut by a transversal to fit in 70 minutes, one should feel free to question her qualifications.”

I have always felt the flexibility and the ability to come up with new things or modifications on the fly are an underrated part of teaching.  It does not get talked about very much during PDP, nor emphasized like some of the other qualities.  Teachable moments, or in K8’s case a moment to sit back and listen, come up all the time in class and teachers need to be able to react to the moment.  The teachable moment needs to be dealt with, usually off the top of your head, and then the lesson needs to be reworked after the moment has passed.  I have also had situations where I could tell rather quickly that my lesson plan was not working, and had to re-think activities or methods of delivery on the spot.  I like to think that this is a strong part of my teaching abilities, and I think I had a successful practicum because of it.