Changing texts for the better.

by mrcfmoore

This is awesome problem to give students as a more interesting way to include graphing or algebra or problem solving. I really like how he incorporated a logical thinking pattern into the whole problem. He started with a problem with no known solution for the kids….. ‘here’s an accident, how can we know how fast the person was going?’

I didn’t pick this blog to reflect on because of how much I like the problem, but because of how much I like how he modified a problem from the text. I generally give textbooks a hard time for having superficial, poorly laid out problems but I rarely have a issue with the topic or ideas in the problems or ‘explorations’. After reading this blog I will look at textbook problems, explorations, or labs(science) a bit differently. Sometimes it is difficult to think of ‘fun’ or engaging activities or ideas to teach topics but using the text as a spring board might work out great in many situations. Dan was able to take a procedural problem that lacked exploration, imagination and deep thought, and he was able to turn it into a fun lesson that required creativity, conceptual understanding and reasoning.