by mrcfmoore

Assessment is hard enough concept for me to get my head around.  Reassessment is something I have given very little thought to because initial assessment is giving enough thoughts.  But I absolutely love this idea I having students apply for reassessment.  There are many things I like about this idea:

1) It takes effort to apply for reassessment, so students should and would (I think) take it seriously.  

2) In an application (like the one set up on Sam’s blog), students would have to show me what they have learned or worked on, since the initial assessment.  

3) Students will have ownership of setting up a time to be reassessed.  

4) It may eliminate the test-fail, re-test-fail scenario.  Where I student hasn’t learned anything since the first test but come in for the retest anyways.  Which is a waste of everyone’s time (mine, and the students). 

I love reading these blogs and am struggling not to spend hours flipping through them all (I have other things I need to do….. haha).  I am going to try something like this as soon as I get a chance to, it really puts students in charge of their own learning.  It also helps students know where they are and where they are going, assessment through the concept of navigation!