Avoiding the teaching Plateau

by mrcfmoore


This blog post really hit home with me.  I, like Micheal, have noticed that I have hit plateaus in life outside of the educational context.  I am an avid snowboarder, but I have noticed that I am not really getting any better over the last couple years.  This is because I do not go enough to get over the plateau on my skill level, I have not engaged in ‘hard practice’, I just show up at the mountain and ride I have no systematic approach.  I have found the same in volleyball, I have reached a skill level where without training harder and smarter I will not get any better.  In both these sports I have plateaued and consequently they are not as much fun as they used to, I sill do both sports and have a great time but since my skills are not improving at the same rate as they once were I have found my self to be complacent.  This is something I need to avoid in my teaching career as I believe I have a good skill set to start with but I can’t allow complacency slip into my practice.  I like Micheal idea of a systematic approach to ‘practice’.  I will keep a daily log to chart the daily pros but most importantly the daily cons.  I also think the point of consuming good teaching is brilliant, I find that I have stolen like tricks and tactics from many good teachers from my past and I think it is a great idea to try to find some more.   Being a good teacher comes easy to me, but being a great teacher will take years of ‘hard practice’ and not allowing myself to be complacent or comfortable.