Sports Practice vs Math Practice and ‘relevance’

by mrcfmoore

I think I would expect the similar results from my classes if I did the same survey.  I would also answer I like sports practice more than math practice (and I actually like math), because I really love sports and winning/competing is fun both of which you need practice for.  If I think back through my educational career (HS, college, university, PDP) I realize that I worked harder (‘practiced more’) on subject or classes that I felt were relevant to my future success.  This is just like sports practice I think that if athletes see a certain drill or skill as necessary to their future successes in games that they would tend to work harder or more diligently at that drill.  I think this all comes back to the necessity of making learning relevent in every class, if students do not think the material is relevent or necessary they will not try as hard.  This is not an easy task for every topic and I feel that it needs to be established for maximal student success.